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Popco's black snap-rings used outdoors

Here’s an addition to an ancient post (August, 2012) in which we spoke about colorizing metal parts such as our steel snap rings and wire hooks:

Recently, a customer asked if these parts can be used outdoors; something we hadn’t addressed in the original post. The answer is, yes and no. In the case of the steel snap rings, the answer is yes. This is because the rings, in their silver-colored state, are nickel plated which makes them rust resistant. When we coat the rings to make them black, we increase the part’s resistance to rust.

For the wire hooks, the answer is no.They are not nickel plated and are more vulnerable to rusting. Black-coating the hooks does reduce rusting, but we still recommend that the hooks be used indoors only. In fact, that is our recommendation for the rings as well.

All said and done, the customer did use the black rings outdoors and has been perfectly satisfied with the results. Now we know, our coating process works a bit like a nickel finish and increases rust resistance.

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