Popco plays a therapeutic role.

Recently, a new customer agreed to share details on their use of Popco's suction cups. We're always pleased when this opportunity arises, but this time around, "pleased" hardly does justice to our reaction. Thrilled is more like it! The customer provided spectacular photographs and text and, for the first time in eight years of posting, we are turning our blog over to our customer/contributor. Here's what they had to say about their product which they've combined with our suction cups.

SORxSOAP - pronounced /sore*soap'/ - is a revolutionary new approach to soft-tissue mobilization and muscle health. It is a soap based tool that is crafted with essential oils and all-natural analgesic ingredients. 
When included in your daily routine it has benefits such as:
Improvement of range of motion.
Restoration of healthy muscle function.
Increased blood flow within scar tissue to promote healing.
Relief of myofascial adhesions which is vital to overall muscle performance.

You use downward strokes (not too aggressively, you will increase the wear on your tool) on any and all muscle groups that you want to treat, whether due to minor acute strains or as an overall wellness routine.
The ingredients release a soothing lather and aroma-therapeutic scent into the shower that helps relieve stress and leaves a cooling tingle of the skin. We suggest leaving the lather on the skin for at least 30 seconds to achieve maximum effect. The gender neutral scent is strong enough to let you know it is working yet fades gradually as you start your day, leaving nothing behind except the cooling.

• • •

Wow! This might be the coolest use of a Popco suction cup to date. SORxSOAP seems like a terrific product. How many athletes could benefit from this product? How many people's physical challenges could be lessened with this product. Who doesn't have an ache or pain that could use some attention? To our customer, big thanks from Popco. To our readers, click to check out SORxSOAP.

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