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Our petrochemical nightmare!

Nowadays it seem like a pile of gold is equivalent in value to a similarly-sized pile of plastic.

If you're reading this post, perhaps you're in our industry, and you may already know that plastic costs have gone through the roof. Adding insult to injury is the lack of plastics availability (at any price). These challenges are so great that we've considered retooling and making our products out of ground unicorn horn; that's a material that might be more readily available and reasonably priced.

There are a number of reasons for this. They are: Covid, Covid and Texas. Due to Covid protocols, the off loading of raw petro-chemical materials at west coast ports has been dramatically delayed, resulting in material shortages. Due to Covid, the demand for plastics (for face masks, barriers, gloves, you name it) has lead to shortages and driven prices up. Even the freak blizzard earlier this year in Texas has played a role in this nightmare; having disrupted oil production and reduced availability of petro-chemicals essential in plastics production.

Because of this, Popco has had to raise prices and increase lead times on our manufacturing. We've even had to disable sections of our website so that certain products can't be ordered online. This is because we can't maintain the website fast enough to stay apace with volatile material cost fluctuations.

Until rays of sunshine break through these dark clouds (and they will eventually), we ask that you remain patient with us and call us so that we can offer you best information and best service in this unusual time.

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