On sure footing with Popco

Feet are underappreciated. Aside from certain aficionados, most folks consider chiseled abs, bulging biceps and toned quads to be the more impressive body parts. This hardly seems fair since the utility of feet can’t be overstated, and a few figures of speech – “stand on your own two feet, get a foot in the door, put your best foot forward” – hardly do justice to feet. Afterall, without them we’d topple.

The same is true in the P-O-P industry. The humble sign foot isn’t glamourous. But glamour isn’t the point, functionality is. For example, if you want to display a marketing piece on a table top, there’s a sign foot for that. If you need to support a rigid poster atop an endcap, there’s a sign foot for that. If you must create divider sections in a cooler case, there are sign feet for that.

So, consider please that your P-O-P projects might be well served by a Popco sign foot. Your messages and your images can take center stage, as they should,  and the simple sign foot – the unsung hero –  will provide the necessary support.

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