Popco products for seasonal promotions

As the snow recedes, and spring reluctantly arrives, retailers in our area–Minnesota–start packing up the shovels and road salt to make room for the gardening equipment and lawn furniture. This is the time of year when certain Popco products are increasingly in demand. One such product is the tube-grip sign-holder.

The tube-grip sign-holder does exactly what the name implies, making it an ideal merchandising tool for products such as lawn mowers, lawn chairs and bicycles. Simple, attractive, easily positioned and reusable, the tube-grip sign-holder is a great part for all sorts of products. And, of course, it also snaps easily onto a snow blower handle making it an all-season, all-around, useful part.

For more information on the tube-grip sign-holder, click here.

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Popco products serve as University parking-tag holders

Recently, a major university employed two of Popco’s products in a new and clever way. The university’s goal was to hang parking ID tags inside vehicle windows. Typically, this would be done with an adhesive label or with printed static-cling material. However, in order to allow for frequent changes of the ID tags, and to keep printing costs down, it was decided that a pocket for simple printed inserts was the best approach.

Popco prepared a custom vinyl pocket to the University’s specifications. The pocket included hang-holes sized to match Popco’s stock suction cups. This is, of course,  a simple idea, but one that had not yet been done by Popco.

This project demonstrates that Popco’s products are useful outside the normal retail/POP setting. That said, we suspect that the combination of suction cups and vinyl pockets has great potential for POP applications and we are grateful that our university customer helped put this combination of products on our radar.

Please note that the product pictured here is a non-stock item. To contact us for a quote for your own custom vinyl pocket, click here.

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Details on Popco's aluminum posts & screws

As Popco’s aluminum posts and screws become more popular, a number of customers have asked questions about open-head posts versus closed-head posts. Another common question is about the 3/8-inch maximum screw-size.

Regarding the open-head posts: Small posts (from 1/8 to 3/8-inch) all feature an open-head and the smallest posts are matched with slightly longer screws. The reason is, the longer screw, when fully inserted, fills the post’s open-head (see the photo above).

This chart details the size-matching of aluminum posts & screws

post size screw size
1/8 3/16
3/16 1/4
1/4 1/4
3/8 3/8
1/2 3/8
3/4 3/8
1-inch 3/8

As you can see on the chart, the smallest posts are matched with slightly larger screws. Also, the 3/8 screw is not only matched with the 3/8 post, it is also matched with the 1/2, 3/4 and 1-inch posts. This is because the screw is not meant to thread all the way to the bottom of the longer posts. The photo below shows the large-sized posts, 1/2 to 1-inch, all matched with the 3/8-inch screw.

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Popco's Poster hanging kits (stock and custom)

Popco makes it easy to hang posters and banners; not just with our components ordered a la carte, but also with our pre-assembled poster hanging kits. We offer three stock kit styles: two for poster hanging from ceilings and one for poster hanging in windows. Each kit is available with our SNAPRAILS™ in a variety of lengths.

We can also prepare kits specific to your project. You can choose the length of your SNAPRAILS™ and the quantity and variety of the components that you’d like kitted.

For details on a custom kit, contact Popco by phone: 800-557-6726. Or, use our contact-us form or email link, click here.

For more information on our stock kits, click here.


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Popco's discounted plastic snap-rings

Popco recently expanded its line of plastic snap rings. Previously, we offered just one size (19 mm) and two colors (black and white). Now, we offer three sizes and three colors. Our new sizes are 1/2" (13.5 mm), 11/16” (17 mm) and 7/8” (22 mm). Our new colors are white, clear and black.

The old 19 mm plastic snap ring is now discontinued; it is no longer offered online and it will not be included in future Popco catalogs. There is, however, remaining stock of this ring available at dramatically reduced prices.

19 mm rings – clearance priced at 40% off

quantity original price / per 1000 reduced price / per 1000
1 - 999 $52.00 $31.20
1000 - 2499 $51.00 $30.06
2500 - 4999 $49.00 $29.40
5000 + $48.00 $28.80

If you are interested in the discontinued 19mm plastic snap rings, please contact Popco, click here. Don’t wait, remaining quantities are limited and once gone, this part will not be available again.

UPDATE: As of October 2015, the 19MM rings are sold out. To view our new style of plastic binder rings, click here.

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Modifying Popco's sign channel and sign feet

Occasionally, our customers require sign channels or sign feet without the foam tape that is standard for these parts. Both our sign channels and our sign feet can be custom-run without tape, however, in order to be cost-effective, quantities need to be rather high. If just a small number of pieces is required, there is an alternative to an expensive custom run; with a little determination, the tape can be removed.

To remove the tape, begin by using a plastic putty knife to scrape off the bulk of the tape. Next, lay the sign channel or sign foot on a piece of butcher paper, or newspaper, and spray a coating of adhesive remover onto the remaining tape residue. Our recommended product is 3M adhesive remover.

Let the adhesive remover sit on the tape residue for fifteen minutes to one half hour, then wipe the tape residue off with a rag. If needed, repeat this process; no more than two applications of the 3M adhesive remover should be necessary. Finally, a bit of lacquer thinner on a rag, wiped over the sign channel or foot, will clean up any remaining tape residue.

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Opening Popco's steel snap-rings

Popco’s steel snap-rings are shipped in a closed position. This keeps the rings from tangling in shipment and, in one sense, makes the rings easy to handle. However, on large kitting projects, opening the rings prior to use can be time consuming and, in the case of the small-sized rings, somewhat difficult.

To speed up this process, a common automotive tool know as a seal-ring pliers or a retaining-ring pliers works well. At Popco, we use a seal-ring pliers with a 90 degree angled tip. We rest the tool on a work bench, lay the snap-ring over the tool tips (making sure that the ring’s hinge pin is at the 6:00 o’clock position). Then, closing the tool’s handle will pop open the ring.

Like any tool, snap ring pliers are available in higher or lower quality. We recommend choosing a stout, high-quality tool that will last and spare you the frustration of working with a cheap tool.

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Popco SNAPRAIL™ hand-cutting

Popco’s SNAPRAIL™ and sign channels are available in a variety of stock lengths, but sometimes a custom length is required. Though Popco offers cutting services, customers occasionally choose to do their own cutting. A great tool for cutting Popco’s SNAPRAIL™ or sign channels is the Craftsman Handi-Cut. The Handi-Cut features a super-sharp replaceable blade that cuts through the plastic of Popco’s parts cleanly and does not leave the stress marks that other, less effective cutters do.

Pictured here is one of Popco's trusty old hand-cutters. As you can see, this tool can take a beating and it will keep doing a great job. The Handi-Cut is widely available and modestly priced.

For more information on this tool, here is a link to the Craftsman website: click here.


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Popco offers colorization of metal parts

Popco now offers colorization of select metal parts. This process is most typical for our wire hooks and our steel snap rings, which are stocked with a silver-colored finish, and the most common color variation is black. Additional cost and lead time is incurred and minimum quantity requirements may apply.

For more information on colorizing Popco's products, please contact us; click here.

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Popco expands shipping options

Responding to customer's requests, we've updated our website to allow customers to ship using their UPS or FedEx accounts. Now, when completing an order, shoppers can choose to "Use My Shipping Account," select either UPS or FedEx, enter their account number and choose from a full list of UPS and FedEx shipping options.

For orders shipped in this manner, there is no additional billing for the shipping. However, Popco does charge a $4.00 fee for FedEx ground shipments. This is because we do not have a daily FedEx pickup at our distribution warehouse. Instead, our warehouse staff drops your package at a FedEx facility incurring the $4.00 fee.

For more information on this fee, and other shipping requirements, click here.

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