CD/DVD pocket

CD and DVD pockets are adhesive-backed pockets which apply to printed pieces and hold a single disc.

  • clear 4.5 mil soft poly plastic
  • 5” square with an opening on one side
  • peel-and-stick adhesive backing
  • sold in batches of 6 (6 individual pockets per sheet)
  • priced per sheet of 6
  • bulk packed
uses & features
  • adhere to printed pieces to create a pocket for CD and DVD discs
  • poly plastic material is archival-stable and will not damage discs under normal conditions

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Quantity & Pricing Chart - Call for Large-Quantity Quotes
Item # 1-166 sheets/6 167-416 sheets/6 417+ sheets/6
CP-4.75A $1.50 $1.38 $1.32

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