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molded 3-sided mobile mount


The molded 3-sided mobile kit includes two mobile center pieces, one c-hook with string and six pieces of double-sided foam tape. Affix three printed panels to the mobile center pieces (top and bottom) and join the edges of the panels with the foam tape. Attach the barbed-end string to the hanging point on the top center piece and connect the c-hook to a ceiling to complete the mobile.

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mobile turtle


The mobile turtle is a simple and versatile central fastener for lightweight mobiles. The turtle provides a central hanging point, and has holes into which wires can be inserted to create a four-armed mobile. The turtle has twist-off tabs which mount on the end of the wires providing hanging points for the mobile panels.

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mobile wires


The mobile wires are specifically sized, in both diameter and length, to work perfectly with the mobile “turtle” center. Four wires are required to fully utilize the mobile turtle’s design.