Deko-spring Spring Wobbler Standard

The DS-1 standard deko spring attracts attention to small signs with a bobbing and wiggling motion. Adhesive mounting bases are positioned on either side of a spring; one base mounts to displays, counters, cash registers, slot machines and many other surfaces. The other base mounts to signs.

  • specifications
  • 3/4” mounting base diameter
  • 1-1/4” overall length
  • DS-1 is the standard deko spring
  • permanent foam tape with peel-and-stick liners on both bases
  • configurations
  • sold in bags of 100
  • available with white bases and white foam tape
  • black bases are available as a custom order
  • uses & features
  • mounts securely to both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • the deko spring’s motion attracts attention to your sign
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