suction cup with deko spring

suction cup with deko spring

The SCDS-187 is a medium-sized suction cup with a 1/4 hole on the stem than accommodates Poco’s “deko spring”. The Deko spring is a spring-mounted adhesive button. Removing the button’s peel-and-stick liner allows small signs to easily mount to the button.


• 1-7/8” diameter suction cup base
• .46” diameter x .32” high top stem with a .24” hole
• 1” spring (3/4″ exposed) attached to a adhesive button with peel-and-stick foam tape disc
• the suction cup is made from UV resistant PVC


• sold in bulk

uses & features

• adhere the suction cup to smooth, hard surfaces and mount small signs to the adhesive button
• the spring motion adds an attention-grabbing aspect to small signage
• often used on cash registers and slot machines
• wholly made in USA


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