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Popco offers far more than products, we offer insight. Perhaps it’s a combination of products or a custom product that you’re seeking; whatever it takes to move your project forward, Popco’s support staff brings insight to bear and will do all that they can to find solutions that fit your needs.

which solution is best?

That depends! Does your project hang from a ceiling? Does it stand on a countertop? Does it stick out from a wall? These questions and many more apply since every project is unique. This is where our staff can shine, as they address your needs and point you in the right direction. We’ll make sure your project is properly displayed, on budget and meets your deadline. Here are a few of our solutions:

what about custom solutions?

Customization is our specialty. We can modify our existing products — adding adhesives or magnet, for example. We can combine our products into kits to your specs, adding your branded materials if needed. We can run our extruded parts to your custom lengths and change or remove adhesives in the process. We can even help you create something all together new. Here are a few of custom offerings:

want help?

Not sure what P.O.P. solution best fits your needs? Need an extra large order of any of our products? Want to talk about how Popco custom products can meet your needs?

Contact our veteran support staff today to get the ball rolling on your next project.

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At Popco, we really strive to deliver exceptional customer service on every project. We’re proud of the depth of experience and expertise that our staff possesses.

We’re problem-solvers and we’ll do what it takes to find the right solution for your display challenges.