Popco has the tools for the job

January 17, 2024

At Popco, we’re tickled pink…

Tickled pink about a huge new addition to our website. We’re talking about our upgraded custom-tools section that now includes hundreds of extruded profiles for which we have production tools. These profiles, designed to serve the p.o.p. industry, are pictured on the site along with descriptions of the profiles’s specs and intended use. Also, each profile includes a CAD drawing which details precise dimensions.

Five examples of Popco's plastic extrusions parts for the Point Of Purchase industry.

From standard to exotic, we’ve got it all…

Our profiles range from standard styles, such as our sign bases, to exotic styles, like hinged sign-holders meant to mount on wire shelfs. Essential profiles such as C, J and H-shaped sign channels are well represented, and all of the profiles can be custom-run in virtually any length, and in number of colors and materials.

Popco extruded sign base with flexible sign grips.

Need variety? we’ve got variety…

Beyond our options of varied lengths, colors and materials, Popco also offers variations on adhesives. Many profiles can be run with or without tape — this is especially useful on our sign bases and channels. Some profiles can also be run with magnet applied to them. This means, our channels can fit your installation needs as well as fitting you graphic inserts.

To learn more, here’s a short cut to our new custom extrusions. Dig in and enjoy and if you can’t find what you need, give us a call. We’re waiting to help.

Popco sign channel extusion with clear front shown pulled back.