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SPZ series

Popco’s updated poster hanging rail features smoother surfaces and a bigger gripping area than our original SNAPRAIL™ making it easier and faster to use. Unlike our original SNAPRAIL™, which is intended for heavy sign stock, EZ SNAPRAIL™ is designed for use with light-weight sign stock.

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plastic binder rings

313 / 317 / 322 series

Popco’s high-quality plastic binder rings are ideal fasteners for swatch books, brochures and for light-weight signage. A unique hook-and-slot fastening point makes for a smooth, finished look once the rings are closed. Plastic binder rings are available in three diameters and three colors.

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heavy duty finned sign foot

113003 / 06 / 49 series

The heavy-duty finned sign foot grips stock from 3/16” to 1/4” thick. Downward tilted fins on the inside of the sign foot create an extra-secure grip on sign stock and a wide base with either permanent or removable peel-and-stick foam tape keeps signs from tipping.

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sc-60 / 61 / 62 sign grip

SC-60 series

The SC-60/61/62 series of sign channels grips material up to 3/32” thick and mounts securely to vertical surfaces with either permanent, peel-and-stick foam tape or high-tack acrylic film tape.

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viking hat screw

VHS series

Viking hat screws are quick-assembly binding screws that push together to close and unscrew to remove. Available in four lengths, the viking hat screws will fasten together materials ranging from approximately 1/8” to1-3/8”.

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aluminum screw posts

ALU series

Aluminum screw posts, also known as Chicago screws, are ideal for binding swatch books, brochures and menus. The aluminum finish makes these post and screw sets well suited for projects that require a highly finished look. The durability of these parts make them ideal for long term usage.

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suction cup mirror clip

103121 / 25

With the suction cup mirror clip, small and medium-sized signs can be held parallel to smooth surfaces such as walls, windows and cooler cases. Available in two sizes, the suction cup mirror clip features a finned sign grip for a secure hold on signage up to .070” thick.

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Velcro Brand hook & loop dots

RBD series

For rapid assembly of displays and signage, Popco offers Velcro® hook and loop dots. The dots, also known as “coins”, are adhesive-backed. They remove easily from the continuous roll of liner material. Velcro® dot sizes range from 3/8” diameter to 7/8” diameter.

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adhesive-backed magnetic tape

MTape series

Adhesive-backed magnetic tape is ideal for mounting signs on metal shelving, racks or refrigerators. Popco stocks magnetic tape on continuous rolls, or segmented rolls at several lengths. Non-stock lengths are available as a custom order.

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Metal Beaded Chain

NBC series

Metal beaded chain is often used to connect product samples and swatches to store shelving. There are many other uses for this product as well. Use metal beaded chain to connect items to displays, to connect multi-panel hanging signs, or in any other scenario where a flexible, reusable connector is required.

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double-wing easel backs

06 / 09 / 12 / 15 easel

Popco offers double-wing easel backs in plain chipboard with or without foam tape applied. The easel backs ship flat and assemble quickly by simply folding the locking tab into position. Optional peel-and-stick foam tape makes completing your counter top display even faster.

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CD/DVD foam dots

CD-1W / CD-2B

Popco’s CD and DVD foam dots now feature a mylar top cap which greatly improves the dots ability to hold discs in place. Easily removed from the backing liner, the adhesive-backed dots quickly adhere to printed material and they fit all CD and DVD center holes.