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    Popco's suction cups do the heavy lifting
    In March of 2018, in this blog, Popco published the results of informal tests on our suction cups. The goal of the tests was to determine the weight-bearing capacity of our suction cups under ideal conditions. Of course, ideal conditions are elusive when mounting suction cups (or just slogging through life for that matter). For suction cups, “ideal conditions” means that the cups are applied to clean and non-porous surfaces (window glass is the best example).
    (0) Much has changed, much has not, and we’re still grateful
    This time last year, in this blog, we grappled a bit with the realities of the pandemic, global supply-chain disruptions, and our desire to remain positive and grateful during a challenging holiday season. One year later, we are still battling ever-increasing costs, continued delays in acquiring materials and producing product, and the challenges of communicating these unpleasant realities to our customers. Now that we’ve acknowledged the obvious, we’ll say that glimmers of hope – if not outright rays of sunshine, are all around us. Most of our customers have stayed afloat in this tough time and they’ve stuck with us. These customers understand our challenges and accept the unavoidable price hikes and delays. So, it is with special poignancy that we say, during this holiday season, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the loyal customers who are weathering the storm same as we are – same as folks the world over are. We hope that the spirit of this holiday will carry us through the coming year and, together, we and our customers can emerge stronger than ever. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a joyous New Year to all of our customers and their families. At Popco, once again, we’re grateful for all that is good; and plenty has been good, even in 2021.
    (0) Popco sizes up posts & screws
    Aluminum post and screws, also known as Chicago screws, are terrific parts for a wide variety of uses. Most often, they are used to bind booklets and corporate reports together. Other uses are as varied as binding together leather goods or even retail fixtures and displays. One feature of these parts is that the screws (male parts) top out at 3/8-inch in length, while the posts (female parts) are available in longer lengths. It is the 3/8-inch screw that is coupled with all of the longer posts and this results in a somewhat confusing combination of part lengths that we’ll address in our sizing chart below. If you’re not already confused, there’s this: For small posts, the opposite is true – longer screws are coupled with shorter posts. This is because the shortest posts feature an open-style head (shown above) and, when fully inserted, the slightly longer screws fill the open-style head. Trying to describe this with language alone is an exercise in frustration. We’re confident that the best way to communicate the minutia of these parts is through a chart, and we’ve made one for you below. Here’s all you’ll ever need to know about the sizing of Popco’s aluminum post and screws
    (0) Popco’s customer relationships
    Popco customers, new and old, have often told us that our customer service is exemplary and is a big reason why they choose to work with us. These customers believe, as do we, that good business is more than just offering the right product at the right price; good business is about developing relationships. Don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say in their own words.
    (0) Opening Popco's steel snap-rings
    Book rings, binder rings, snap rings; no matter what you call them, they’re a handy bit of hardware. As the names imply, the rings are most often used for affixing booklets together. This means, among other things, that hand-assembly is likely part of a project’s fulfillment. Since our rings our sold in the industry standard, closed position, one step in the assembly process will be opening them. To open the most difficult small rings, we suggest a common automotive tool know as a seal-ring pliers or a retaining-ring pliers. At Popco, we use a seal-ring pliers with a 90 degree angled tip. We rest the tool on a work bench, lay the snap-ring over the tool tips (making sure that the ring’s hinge pin is at the 6:00 o’clock position). Then, closing the tool’s handle will pop open the ring.
    (0) Popco’s SNAPRAILS™ really stack up
    Typically, SNAPRAILS™ are used at the top of a poster, to grip poster stock and create hanging points, and at the bottom of a poster to add weight and stiffness so that the poster doesn't bow or curl. There is however another, little known, configuration that allows for stacking posters one above another. To use the SNAPRAILS™ in this way, you first create a center spine with the opening of one SNAPRAIL™ facing up and the other facing down.
    Made in the USA - Popco's answer to today's supply chain dilemma's
    Back in early 2016, we wrote: We are proud of our family-business roots and the fact that many of our products are made in USA. Though we do import some of our products, our biggest sellers (the SNAPRAIL™ poster rails, sign channels and bases, small fasteners and suction cups) are all of Popco’s design and are US made. In fact, we keep it local; our extrusion and injection molding facilities are either in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area or just across the border in Wisconsin. Manufacturing our products locally gives us a high level of quality control and allows us to offer fast turn-times and very competitive pricing. Source your POP parts through Popco and you’ll benefit from these things while supporting American workers and manufacturing. This is all still true, but with where we find ourselves in 2021, the fact that we make our products locally has become more relevant than ever.
    Popco’s Superail 2: super practical, super economical and a super value
    Intrepid readers of Popco’s blog might recognize the Superail 2 since we’ve written about it before. Please, don’t dismiss us as being redundant. We assure you, the value of our super rail more than justifies repeat mention. The beauty of the super rail is its simplicity: choose a length that matches your poster, slide the poster into the opening at the bottom of the Superail 2, add a couple of hanging clips to the top of the Superail 2 and hang the poster.
    How’s it hanging? Very well with Popco, thank you
    Let’s talk a bit about ceilings. As we see them, they are far more than protection from the elements. They are essentially blank canvases from which all manner of point-of-purchase displays can be hung. For banners, posters, mobiles, you name it; ceilings are practically begging to serve as a marketing opportunity. Best of all, ceiling-hung p-o-p pieces are highly visible and they don’t use up valuable floor space which is better used for product or traffic areas.
    Popco's smoke & mirrors
    A hazy hello from Popco. Canadian wildfires have blanketed our Twin Cities in smoke which is both strangely beautiful (at night the moon glows orange) and apocalyptic (the fires are hundreds of miles away and yet the smoke obscures our skyline). On a far lighter note, comically inspired by all this smoke, we decided to devote our new blog post to mirrors — specifically, mirror clips.