Superails: super practical, super economical and a super value

October 11, 2022

The beauty of the Superail is its simplicity: choose a length that matches your poster, slide the poster into the opening at the bottom of the Superail, add a couple of hanging clips to the top of the Superail and hang your poster.

The oval profile of the Superail naturally presses in at the bottom of the rail, holding stock in place. The finned grips on the inside of the rail accommodate thin and thick stock; from .020″ to .080.”


In addition to hanging posters, the Superail will grip clear PVC, RPET and similar light materials for installing ceiling-hung Covid shields. This economical approach makes modifications to counter surfaces unnecessary and allows for easy positioning of shields over counters.

For short-term or long-term use, Popco’s Superail is an easy, inexpensive and reusable way to hang posters in retail spaces, grocery stores, educational facilities or galleries.

Superails are stocked in white and black, and can be custom-run in clear.


For more information on Superails, click here.