Custom Parts

In addition to Popco's stock parts, custom parts are also available. Examples of custom parts are:

  • poster rails custom-cut to specified lengths
  • poster rails, and other extruded parts, custom-run, in large quantities, to specified lengths
  • poster rails, and sign feet, drilled to accommodate binding posts for extra-secure sign installation
  • application of adhesive tape or magnet to existing Popco parts
  • assembling multiple products, or specified numbers of a product, in bagged or boxed kits

These are just a few possibilities for Popco's custom parts. We are also capable of creating altogether new parts, in large quantities, specific to your needs. Contact us if you need a part that you don't see on our website, or if you'd like to discuss the creation of a new part. 

 952-352-0887   |  |   for more information on custom orders, click here.