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    Finned Diverse Sign Foot with Tape

    The finned diverse sign foot is an extremely versatile, T-shaped sign base that accepts stock as thin as .080" and as thick as .375 (3/8)". A unique staggered fin design accounts for the broad range of stock the sign foot will hold. Removable metal shelf tape on the base makes the sign foot extra stable.
    SKU: Finned Diverse Sign Foot with Tape
    i h
    • 1" wide x 3/4" tall x 3" long
    • available with removable metal shelf tape on base
    • also available with ultra-strong channel magnet on base
    • priced and sold individually
    • bulk packed
    • custom runs to specified lengths are available for the taped version (minimum quantities apply)
    uses & features
    • support sign stocks from .080" to 3/8” thick
    • an open top design makes it easier to insert stock
    • metal-shelf tape on base is both strong and removable
    • with magnet on the base, the diverse sign foot is easily repositioned
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