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    Heavy Duty Sign Foot

    The heavy-duty finned sign foot grips stock from 3/16" to 1/4" thick. Downward tilted fins on the inside of the sign foot create an extra-secure grip on sign stock and a wide base with either permanent or removable peel-and-stick foam tape keeps signs from tipping.
    SKU: Heavy Duty Sign Foot
    i h
    • 1.6" wide x 1 3/8" tall
    • stock lengths: 3”, 6” and 49”
    • available in clear PVC
    •  available with permanent or removable white foam tape on the bottom of the base
    • priced and sold individually
    • bulk packed
    • custom cutting is available for small and medium sized orders
    • custom runs, to specified lengths, are available for large orders 
    uses & features
    • support signs in corrugated stocks, coroplast , gator and foam boards
    • a slight flare at top makes it easier to insert stock
    • NAFTA qualified, wholly made in the US
    • plastic meets European RoHS standards
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