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    Mini Card Holder

    This small sign holder accepts stock in thicknesses from 15 up to 60 point. It is available both with and without foam tape on the base. With a very small 'footprint", the mini card holder is ideal for use in areas where counter or shelf space is limited.
    SKU: Mini Card Holder
    i h
    • 3/4" square base x 7/8" tall
    • UMC-1 -┬áno foam tape on base
    • UMC-2 - with foam tape on base
    • stock color: white PVC
    • priced and sold individually
    • bulk packed
    • custom runs in colors other white are available for large orders
    uses & features
    • support sign stocks from 15 to 60 point
    • a unique profile allows for a use with a wide range of stocks
    • the profile makes insertion of stock easy and yet the stock is gripped securely
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