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    Clear monofilament can be used for hanging lightweight signs and is virtually invisible, eliminating visual distraction or visual competition with the sign's graphics.
    SKU: Monofilament
    i h
    Must be ordered in multiples of 1
    • 40 lb. test on 150 yard rolls
    • 80 lb. test on 65 yard rolls
    • clear UV resistant monofilament
    • priced and sold per individual rolls
    • call for pricing on quantities exceeding 50 rolls
    uses & features
    • used to hang lightweight signs
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    Beautiful, nickel-plated steel and brass "bullets" grip monofilament for hanging signs and banners. Adjusting the length of the monofilament is fast and easy and the highly-finished look is perfect for upscale installations

    C-Hooks for Mono Bullets

    The thin-diameter CL-3 c-hook is used in combination with the adjustable mono bullets. The bullets grip and adjust the length of monofilament and the c-hooks create connection points on ceilings and on the tops of posters and banners.

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