small suction cup with nylon secure tack

small suction cup with nylon secure tack

The SCNT-118 is a small suction cup coupled with a nylon secure tack. The tack pierces sign stock, or passes through drilled or punched holes. It then grips the corresponding hole in the suction cup’s stem holding signage in place. The tacks barbed end creates an extra-secure grip in the suction cup’s stem hole.


• 1-3/16” diameter suction cup base
• .37” diameter cap atop a .26” stem
• .32″ high tack” with .615” diameter head
• the suction cup is made from UV resistant PVC
• the barbed-end tack is made from nylon


• suction cups and tacks are bagged separately, but priced and sold as sets
• sold in bulk

uses & features

• adhere to smooth, hard surfaces and hang small signs using the nylon secure tack
• RoHS compliant (a European Standard) and containing no heavy metals
• wholly made in USA


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