aluminum stand-offs

Beautiful, brushed-aluminum stand-offs are used to create a 3-D effect when combined with acrylic pockets. Stand-offs can be used with acrylic displays of your manufacture, or, Popco can prepare an acrylic pocket to your specifications. We have also coupled the stand-offs with our stock pockets. See related products for details.

  • two-piece aluminum stand-offs:
    3/4” dia. x 1-1/16” high
  • stand-off top screw shaft:
    3/8” dia
  • finned plastic anchor:
    1-1/8” long
  • metal mounting screw:
    1-3/8” long
  • stand-offs lift graphic materials 3/4" out from walls
  • will accept graphic materials from .0" up to .4" thick 
  • sold as sets including:
    (4) two-piece stand-offs
    (4) finned plastic anchors
    (4) metal mounting screws
  • also included are (8) plastic washers that prevent the stand-offs from scratching fragile acrylic surfaces
  • each stand-off set ships in a heat-sealed polybag
uses & features
  • create 3-D, pop-out effects for literature inserts
  • very high quality makes the stand-offs suitable for gallery and architectural installation
  • ideal for high-end, long-term retail

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