c hooks for mono bullets

The thin-diameter CL-3 c-hook is used in combination with the adjustable mono bullets. The bullets grip and adjust the length of monofilament and the c-hooks create connection points on ceilings and on the tops of posters and banners.

  • nickel-plated steel and brass
  • 3" long
  • 0.093" diameter
  • 5/8" opening
  • sold in bulk
  • each c-hook services one mono bullet
  • four c-hooks are used to hang one poster or banner
  • adjustable mono bullets are sold separately
  • monofilament is sold separately
uses & features
  • insert c-hooks into the bottom hole of an adjustable mono bullet
  • connect c-hooks and bullets to ceiling grids
  • connect c-hooks and bullets to posters and banners
  • hang posters and banners and adjust height as needed

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Item # 1-999 1000-2499 2500+
CL-3 $0.055 $0.05 $0.048

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