jet wire mobile springs - medium & large

Jet wire mobile springs are an adjustable, tangle-free, hanging hook and wire system for light weight and medium weight signs. With just a pull, jet wires “telescope” out to a desired length and then stay at that length making it easy to hang signs at a variety of heights.

  • made of spiraled wire (not spring)
  • JSW-5 medium: stretches from 8” to 5’
  • JSW-5 medium: supports 2 lbs.
  • JSW-8 large: stretches from 12” to 8’
  • JSW-8 large: supports 2 lbs.
  • JSW-5 and JSW-8 are sold in batches of 25
  • priced per batch
  • pre-bagged in batches of 25
uses & features
  • use for hanging light and medium weight signs
  • spiraled wire pulls out easily to a desired length, then stays at that length
  • ideal for quick adjustment of signs hung at various heights

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Step 2: Enter Quantity - Sold in Batches of 25

Quantity & Pricing Chart - Call for Large-Quantity Quotes
Item # 1-39 batches/25 40-99 batches/25 100-199 batches/25 200+ batches/25
JSW-5 $3.00 $2.63 $2.30 $2.21
JSW-8 $5.00 $4.53 $4.38 $4.20

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