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    S-hooks are a intended for hanging heavy signs and are often used in combination with our jack chain. S-hooks are also ideal for connecting multiple sign panels, one above another and are well suited for long term and short term sign installations.
    SKU: S-Hook
    i h
    • silver-colored zinc-plated steel
    • in 1”, 1-5/8” and 2" lengths
    • 1" variety has a wire diameter of .086"
    • 1-5/8" variety has a wire diameter of 0.131"
    • 2" variety has a wire diameter of 0.146"
    • hook openings are approximately 3/16" for the small s-hook & 3/8” across for the medium and  large s-hooks
    • sold in bulk
    • custom bagging available
    • call for quote on bagging & kitting with other Popco products
    uses & features
    • use the 1” s-hooks in combination with jack chain
    • hang medium and heavy weight signs (up to 15 lbs.)
    • hang multiple sign panels, one above another
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