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    Standard Banner Clip

    Banner clips provide a hanging point when used with a number of Popco's poster hanging rails. Banner clips slide into the top groove of a poster hanging rail and are easily positioned along the length of the rail.
    SKU: Standard Banner Clip
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    Must be ordered in multiples of 1
    • .80” high x .60” wide
    • BRC-2 series clips are made of durable polycarbonate in black or clear
    • priced and sold individually
    • bulk packed
    uses & features
    • create a hanging point for EZ snap rail, snap rail, NX snap rail and banner rail
    • the clip’s t-shaped base corresponds with the poster rails t-shaped groove
    • the clips slide horizontally in the rail’s groove for easy positioning and hanging flexibility
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    The NX series poster hanging rails are extra-rigid lengthwise, making them ideal for long graphics. The oval profile and the use of end caps gives the NX SNAPRAIL a highly finished look; similar to the aluminum snap rails, yet more economically priced.


    Popco's patented poster hanging rail features a quick-change, bottom-feed feature for simple sign changing. SNAPRAIL is ideal for suspending large signs and for gripping a wide variety of materials.


    Popco's mini SNAPRAIL features a visually discrete profile and is intended to hang lightweight signs weighing up to 20 ounces. The mini SNAPRAIL is an inexpensive and reusable alternative to poster tinning.
    01_2_universal bannerClip.jpg

    Universal Banner Clip

    Popco's new universal banner clip was created specifically to serve the new SR2 poster spine. This banner clip fits into the top groove of the SR2 poster spine and creates a hanging point. It slides easily along the length of the spine for repositioning, and it also works with the SPR, SPZ and NX series SNAPRAIL