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    VELCRO Hook & Loop Tape

    VELCRO® hook-and-loop tape is useful in many ways for creating displays and affixing signs to a wide variety of surfaces. Popco stocks adhesive-backed VELCRO® in 3/4" and 1" widths on 25 yard rolls.
    SKU: VELCRO Hook & Loop Tape
    i h
    • 3/4” or 1” wide
    • on 25 yard long rolls (900” length total)
    • adhesive-backed with removable liner
    • hook, abrasive in texture, is also known as the male side
    • loop, soft in texture, is also known as the female side
    • available in black and white
    • hook and loop rolls are sold separately
    • cutting to specified lengths and pre-mating is available as a custom order
    uses & features
    • use in the assembly of displays and dump bins
    • use to mount signs to a wide variety of surfaces
    • use for very strong, yet removable sign holding
    • high-tack, permanent, rubber-based adhesive adheres quickly for immediate use
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