Popco at Shop Marketplace: A smash success!

April 17, 2024

hello Cincinnati…

On Tuesday, April 9, two Popconians landed at the CVG airport in northeastern Kentucky and made their way directly to the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, just a short drive across the Ohio river and the Kentucky/Ohio border. There, they set up a Popco booth at Shop Marketplace 2024, a show that was billed as “the must attend trade event where retail industry professionals from across the globe come together to make the future of retail a reality.”

Popco's trade show booth at the Shop 2024 Marketplace event.

wow, just wow…

After set up, the Popconians dragged their tired butts to the nearby hotel. Imagine their delight when they stumbled into the Hilton Netherland Plaza and encountered an absolutely stunning art deco interior.

Neither Popconian had any idea what the Netherland looked like — the decision to stay there was based solely on proximity to the Duke Energy Center.

The Netherland Plaza hotel lobby in Cincinatti.

it’s time to fortify…

Delights continued in the gorgeous Netherland bar when the Popconians could finally relax after a long day of flying, schlepping gear and setting up for the Shop show. It was here that the Cincinnatians began showing their civic pride, hospitality and mixology skills.

The bar in the Netherland Plaza hotel in Cincinatti.


Shop Marketplace 2024 turned out to be a wonderful show. Many new people came by the Popco booth and a number of old, familiar, folks came by as well. People were pleased to review Popco’s offerings and the Popconians peeled away from the booth long enough to soak up the wonders of the show as presented by other exhibitors.

Popconians pictured from the left are:
Mary Kuntz, Popco’s VP of Customer Experience
Peter Bretl, Popco’s Marketing Director
Elihu Wear, Popco’s President who arrived after
set up to schmooze and bedazzle with his snazzy tie.

Two Popco officers and Popco's President at the the Shop 2024 trade show.

there’s much to love in Cincinnati…

Before returning to Minnesota, Mary and Peter were able to experience a bit more of Cincinnati. How fortunate they were to find the Bay Horse Cafe in the heart of the city’s downtown. This place and its proprietor oozed charm and authenticity. And as for authenticity, the photo shown here is the real deal. If this photo was art directed, the whiskey wouldn’t be nearly polished and the bucket-sized beer would be filled to the top. Apparently the Popconians know more about tipping their glass than they know about curating for Instagram.

Thanks to the hard working organizers of Shop Marketplace 2024 for putting on a great show and thanks to the kind people of Cincinnati who are so proud of their beautiful city.

A cocktail and beer on the bar at the Bay Horse Cafe in Cincinnati.