Popco rocks the Shop! Marketplace show

March 13, 2024

Hello Cincinnati!

Popco is on the road and ready to rock the 2024 Shop! Marketplace trade show. Show dates are April 9 – 11, 2024 and the venue is the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the words of the show organizers, “Shop! MarketPlace is the must-attend trade event where retail industry professionals from across the globe come together to make the future of retail a reality.”

This is right up our alley. Popco has been making point-of-purchase designs a reality for more than forty years. Think of Popco’s hardware as a supporting player and your displays as the star of the show.

Come see us at the show, you’ll find us at booth 626. We’re eager to show you how our products can make your creations hang, stick and stand out.

Popco extruded channels and the Shop! trade show logo