Popco foam board edge-protector

February 28, 2023

Foam board is a terrific material for retail signage. It’s light, making it practical to ship and hang. It’s rigid; perfect for hanging displays or for use as a backdrop to product dump-bins. The one significant weakness of foam board is its susceptibility to denting along the edges and crumpling at the corners.

Popco’s foam board edge-protector, solves this problem perfectly. Designed for 1/4″  thick material, the edge-protector simply slides over the foam board’s edge and makes a vulnerable area comparatively bomb-proof.

The edge-protector covers approximately 1/2″ of the foam board’s front and back. Cut to size, the edge-protector can create an attractive frame on all sides of your foam board display. This product, shown hear in clear, is also available in black PVC.

For more information on the foam board edge-protector, click here.