More foam board products from Popco

March 30, 2023

In our last post, we spoke about our foam board edge protector. In this post, we’ll continue the foam-board theme and introduce our foam board hanger. Known around our offices as the “dog tooth” hanger, this product is a hinged, metal part that can be pressed into foam core by hand to create a hanging point.

The hinge allows the hanging point to fold down, making your display piece easy to ship. It then folds up for quick and simple hanging once your piece is in a retail setting.

The foam board hanger can be used in conjunction with the foam board edge protector. Simply install the edge-protector on the foam board first, then attach the hanger beneath the edge protector. When the hanger’s hinge is in the up position, it will stick up above edge protector.

For more information on the foam board hanger, click here.