Popco suction cups with screws for wall-mounting

April 30, 2023

A customer has shared with us a unique use of our suction cups that we are really excited about. The result of the customer’s clever adaptation of our cups is that, modified in this way, the suction cups can be used on non-porous surfaces. This is game-changing! Typically, our suction cups are only used on surfaces like glass or smooth metal. Other surfaces like drywall or wood are not typically compatible with the cups.

As shown, the customer inserted a 1-inch wood screw into the suction cup from the bottom up. The customer then used the screw to attach the cup to a wooden surface – with the stem of the cup meeting the wood and bottom of the cup facing out.

When fully inserted, the flared head of the wood screw created the air seal needed to allow the cup to work. The customer was then able to attach a plexiglass literature sleeve to the cup base. In other words, the suction cup (affixed with a screw) worked on a wooden surface – something we didn’t imagine was possible. The suction cup stem doubled as a stand-off for our customer’s literature sleeve, and the customer was able to easily change out their signage.

Clever indeed! We are grateful to our customer for bringing this terrific use for our suction cups to our attention.