Popco’s steel looped cable & universal banner clip

July 14, 2023

Popco’s steel looped cables are ideal for hanging signs at fixed heights. The cables are very strong — comparable to our wire hooks, but the cables are less visible than the hooks and that is a big selling point for some of our customers. Unfortunately, the steel looped cables are not compatible with our standard banner clips (the parts that create connection points on our sign-hanging rails). This is because the standard banner clips provide only a closed-circle connection point.

Two plastic clips for sign hanging and two steel looped cables

That problem is easily solved with our universal banner clip. This clip is open-ended and perfectly accommodates the steel cable’s looped end. Of course, as the name implies, the universal banner clip works with all styles of our hanging rails including the SPR and NX series of snaprails, our aluminum snaprail and SR2 poster grip, and our economy bannerails.

Steel looped cable and banner clip used to hang a poster rail.

Together, the steel looped cable and the universal banner clip create a super strong, visually appealing and versatile means of hanging your signs. They are also a great value since, along with our poster-hanging rails, they can be used over and over.


Steel looped cable, banner clip and poster rail used to hang a poster