large wobbler strip

large wobbler strip

Large wobbler strips are a simple, low-cost and effective way to add motion to your small and medium-sized signs. Adhere one end of a large wobbler to displays, counters, cash registers and many other surfaces. Adhere the other side of the wobbler to small signs and the flexible PVC material adds motion to the sign.


• 8” long clear PVC in two thicknesses
• permanent foam tape, with peel-and-stick liners, is on both ends of the wobblers
• the small end of the wobbler has a hanging point in addition to a foam tape tab


• sold in bags of 100

uses & features

• mounts securely to both horizontal and vertical surfaces
• use the hanging tab, rather than the foam tape, for two-sided signs
• the flexible PVC creates a bobbing motion, attracting attention to your sign

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