suction cup with metal screw

suction cup with metal screw

The SCMS-187 is a medium-sized premium suction cup with a .16″ stem hole, combined with a 1/8-inch diameter x 1/2-inch long pan head screw. The screw fits the suction cup’s stem hole and is used to affix signs to the suction cup.


• 1-7/8” diameter suction cup base
• 0.46” diameter x .32” high top stem with a .16” hole
• 1/8” diameter x 1/2” long zinc finished screw
• the suction cup is made from UV resistant PVC


• sold in batches of 100 only
• suction cups and screws are packed separately
• suction cups are packed bulk, screws are pre-bagged, 100 pieces per bag

uses & features

• affix signs to the suction cups with the screw
• affix the suction cups to glass or other non-porous surfaces
• ideal for holding plexi-glass displays
• suction cups are RoHS compliant (a European Standard) and contain no heavy metals


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