suction cup with nut & screw

suction cup with nut & screw

The SCTN-2125 is a large-sized suction cup with a metal screw permanently fixed into the suction cup stem. A plastic nut is included with the suction cup and screw. The nut threads onto the screw to hold materials up to 3/16” thick.


• 2-1/16” diameter suction cup base
• 15/16” overall height, including screw
• 9/16” diameter clear plastic nut
• 3/16” hole size will accommodate screw
• the suction cup is made from UV resistant PVC


• sold in bags of 100 only
• the plastic nuts are pre-attached to the screw

uses & features

• affix signs to the suction cups with the screw
• affix the suction cups to glass or other non-porous surfaces
• ideal for holding both thin & thick stocks (up to 3/16”)
• this product is imported from China, all other Popco suction cups are made in the USA


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