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Modifying Popco's sign channel and sign feet

Occasionally, our customers require sign channels or sign feet without the foam tape that is standard for these parts. Both our sign channels and our sign feet can be custom-run without tape, however, in order to be cost-effective, quantities need to be rather high. If just a small number of pieces is required, there is an alternative to an expensive custom run; with a little determination, the tape can be removed.

To remove the tape, begin by using a plastic putty knife to scrape off the bulk of the tape. Next, lay the sign channel or sign foot on a piece of butcher paper, or newspaper, and spray a coating of adhesive remover onto the remaining tape residue. Our recommended product is 3M adhesive remover.

Let the adhesive remover sit on the tape residue for fifteen minutes to one half hour, then wipe the tape residue off with a rag. If needed, repeat this process; no more than two applications of the 3M adhesive remover should be necessary. Finally, a bit of lacquer thinner on a rag, wiped over the sign channel or foot, will clean up any remaining tape residue.

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