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Popco's discounted plastic snap-rings

Popco recently expanded its line of plastic snap rings. Previously, we offered just one size (19 mm) and two colors (black and white). Now, we offer three sizes and three colors. Our new sizes are 1/2" (13.5 mm), 11/16” (17 mm) and 7/8” (22 mm). Our new colors are white, clear and black.

The old 19 mm plastic snap ring is now discontinued; it is no longer offered online and it will not be included in future Popco catalogs. There is, however, remaining stock of this ring available at dramatically reduced prices.

19 mm rings – clearance priced at 40% off

quantity original price / per 1000 reduced price / per 1000
1 - 999 $52.00 $31.20
1000 - 2499 $51.00 $30.06
2500 - 4999 $49.00 $29.40
5000 + $48.00 $28.80

If you are interested in the discontinued 19mm plastic snap rings, please contact Popco, click here. Don’t wait, remaining quantities are limited and once gone, this part will not be available again.

UPDATE: As of October 2015, the 19MM rings are sold out. To view our new style of plastic binder rings, click here.

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