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Popco's custom cutting

Recently, a customer asked what the difference is between Popco's two cutting options: drop cutting and saw cutting. The primary differences are: The type of material being cut, and the machine required for the cut.

Our poster hanging and mounting products, such as the SNAPRAILS™, Superail 2, Banner Rail and PT series Poster Rails are all cut on our custom-built drop-cutter. So too are our J and H-profile sign channels and our sign grips.

The drop-cutting machine was designed specifically for this task. A long cutting platform supports the material being cut and provides an adjustable stop-point which we set to the dimension of the cut. Once set up, an air-pressure-powered, guillotine-like blade cuts the rails cleanly, leaving no saw marks or burrs.

Pictured above is a detail of the drop-cutter machine showing both the dimension-stop and the cutting-head assembly. To the right of the cutting head is a long work table that allows long pieces of material to be efficiently fed into the cutter. The cutter's blade is engaged by stepping on a foot pedal (shown under the cutting table in the first photo). This one-of-a-kind machine allows Popco to quickly cut material to customer's required dimensions for projects that are too small to justify a custom-run.

Saw cutting is (surprise, surprise) cutting by saw! Most often this is done on our chop saw, shown above on the left. Occasionally, projects require cutting on our band saw, shown on the right. These machines are used for Popco's parts that are too thick or too large to be cut on the drop cutter (specifically, our sign bases and sign feet). Saw cutting is more labor-intensive than drop-cutting and, as a result, is a bit more expensive. Prices for drop cutting and saw cutting are detailed in the custom-orders section of the website. To see these prices, click here.


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