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Details on Popco’s suction cups

At Popco, we are frequently asked how much weight our suction cups will hold. This question is a bit difficult to answer since a number of factors affect the suction cup’s performance.

We’ve determined that our SCH-177, a 1.75-inch diameter suction cup, will support three pounds and our SCH-240, a 2.4-inch diameter suction cup, will support five pounds. These figures are conservative estimates and our testing was done under ideal conditions.

What are ideal conditions? Ideally, the suction cups are stuck to glass or other non-porous surfaces. Any surface with a soft finish, or a textured finish such as sheet rock, will not work with the suction cups. Also, suitable surfaces such as glass or smooth metal must be clean and the suction cup itself must also be clean. Dust and debris will lessen the suction cup’s ability to hold fast.

Temperature is another factor than can affect the suction cup’s performance. Extremely low temperatures can stiffen the cup’s plastic and break the seal; an example of this would be using the cup inside a freezer case. However, the suction cups have been used successfully on the outside of freezer case doors and both the inside and outside of cooler doors.

Very high temperatures will also affect the suction cups by softening the plastic and diminishing cup’s hold. Think of a car with the windows rolled up in the desert; this scenario can cause the cups to release their hold. In general, the suction cups will function in temperatures ranging from 29 to 115 F.

Though Popco’s suction cups are made specifically for holding light-weight signs in a retail setting, they are used in many other ways by our customers. Because of this, and the factors detailed above, it is up to the purchaser to access the suitability of our suction cups for their particular use. We will provide samples for testing so that you can determine if the suction cups are right for your project.



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