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Popco’s sign bases modified with tapes or magnet

Popco's narrow and medium sign feet include permanent foam tape applied to the base, however our wide sign feet do not include tape. For extra-stable sign support, our customers occasionally require tape on the wide sign feet as well. As a custom order, the wide sign feet can have tape or even magnet applied to the base.

In large quantities the wide sign feet can be run with permanent foam tape, removable foam tape, permanent film tape or magnet. For these runs, the tape or magnet is applied “in-line,” meaning the tape or magnet in positioned down the length of the sign foot as shown on the right in the photo above. In small quantities, the tape or magnet is hand-applied. This means that the tape or magnet can be positioned either in-line or at a right angle to the sign foot as shown on the left in the photo above.

These modifications make Popco's wide sign feet ideal for extra-stable support of free-standing signs, or for installations where the use of permanent tape is not an option. For more information on the options available, or to have your project quoted, contact Popco.

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