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New open book rings from Popco

Book Rings from Popco

Popco’s steel snap rings are straight-forward practical parts that are always in demand. They are often referred to as book rings since binding swatch books is one of the main uses for these parts, but they can be used for a variety of projects, such as a creating connection points for hanging signs.

The only real drawback of the snap rings is that they are sold in a closed position and opening them, especially when working with the smaller sizes, is somewhat difficult. Couple this reality with the fact that assembly projects often require opening  thousands, or tens of thousands of the rings, and a slight drawback becomes a real problem.

Now, based on requests from our customers, Popco is offering our most popular 1-inch steel snap ring in an open position. These open rings greatly reduce assembly time, helping our customers meet tight deadlines and reducing their assembly costs. In the future, we may offer other sizes of the snap rings in an open position as well. To purchase the 1-inch, open-style rings, visit this web page.

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