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Popco's SNAPRAIL™ really stacks up

Typically, Popco's SNAPRAILS™ are used at the top of a poster—to grip the poster stock and create a hanging point—and at the bottom of a poster to add weight and stiffness so that the poster doesn't bow or curl. There is however another, little known, configuration that allows for stacking posters one above another.

Shown above are SNAPRAILS™ positioned with the openings facing down. In this position the SNAPRAILS™ can attach to the top of a poster, creating the top spine for hanging.

Here the SNAPRAILS™ are shown flipped so that the opening of one rail faces up and the other rail faces down. This is the position that will create a center joining-point for stacked posters.

In the flipped position, the SNAPRAILS™ can be joined by interlocking the top T-shaped track. This is the track into which banner-hanging clips are inserted. For details on using the banner clips, see these SNAPRAIL™ instructions.

Once interlocked as shown, posters can be inserted into both top and bottom SNAPRAILS™. The rails will snap snap shut just as they would if they were not interlocked. In this way, two or more posters can be stacked vertically.

More SNAPRAILS™ can be used as they normally would be—at the top and bottom of the poster stack. The whole arrangement will look something like the photo above. For more details on Popco's SNAPRAILS™, check out last month's blog post and view our SNAPRAIL™ tutorial video. For pricing and product specs, visit this SNAPRAIL™ page.

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