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Popco's new sample kit is ready to mail


In January we introduced new extra-long posts and screws along with new extra-long Viking-Hat and Flat-Cap Screws. These new posts and screws, ranging from 1.25" to 2" in length are unique. We manufactured them based on customer's order requests that, in the past, required super long lead times. Now that we've prepared tooling for these parts we've dramatically reduced lead time on large orders and we have stock for typical orders. Also, as the manufacturer of these parts, we are now able to offer competitive pricing.

To properly launch these new products, we've prepared a nice sample kit full of information and five sets of each new size of posts and screws. We have plans to produce a number of other sample kits as well. If these binders are right for your projects, please reach out to Popco. We'll gladly send you samples and get you started with our new extra-long posts and screws. Click here for more details.

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