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Popco's suction cups meet Poland's POP

Recently a Popco customer in Poland shared with us their design of an aisle-violator type sign. The sign is a model of simplicity. It’s nothing more than a heat-bent and die-cut piece of styrene. When we saw this we were struck by its elegance and, quite frankly, we wondered why we hadn’t thought of this first.

The die-cutting included two key-hole openings, sized to correspond with Popco’s SCM-81 suction cup. This is our smallest suction cup and using it for this application was wise for a number of reasons:
1) It is the least expensive cup we offer. 
2) The small size and light weight of this suction cup make shipping it cost-effective.
3) Given the light weight of the styrene sign, the small suction cup is more than strong enough.

Another benefit to using the SCM-81 is that the small suction cups do not compete visually with the sign. As shown, the heat-bent flange of the sign almost entirely covers the bases of the suction cups.

Our Polish customer really knocked it out of the park on this project and we plan to follow their lead and suggest this technique to our other customers.

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