Everything is different now.

It seems like yesterday when, in this blog, we were wishing readers Merry Christmas and welcoming in a new decade.

Now, everything is different.

Now, our suction cups are in stores supporting signs that announce limited hours or temporary closures. Our Magik Frames have sold out to companies that must post heath-procedure notices throughout their campuses. Even our SNAPRAIL™ has been pressed into unique service as a result of the pandemic.

A long-time Popco customer shared with us the photo, above, which shows our SNAPRAIL™ supporting a clear PVC sneeze-guard for pharmacies. We could never have imagined it. Who could have?

When doctors, nurses and caregivers; when police, grocers and truckers; when any number of companies and workers are on the front line of the Covid19 crisis, we at Popco do not want to position ourselves as heroic. We are not. But we are committed to supporting those who are. And we are committed to remaining in operation so that our products can move along with the all the products that will fuel the response to this struggle. We are not the first to say it, but we'll say it again with conviction, everything is different now and we're all in this together.

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