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    Popco's suction cups do the heavy lifting

    Popco suction cups do the heavy lifting

    In March of 2018, in this blog, Popco published the results of informal tests on our suction cups. The goal of the tests was to determine the weight-bearing capacity of our suction cups under ideal conditions.

    Of course, ideal conditions are elusive when mounting suction cups (or just slogging through life for that matter). For suction cups, “ideal conditions” means that the cups are applied to clean and non-porous surfaces (window glass is the best example).

    Popco suction cups

    Other factors that affect a suction cup’s ability to support weight are excessive heat or cold, grit or grime on the mounting surface, or texture on the mounting surface. We couldn’t test under all conditions, so our results are based on having affixed the cups to non-textured, clean glass.

    In the future, we intend to have further independent testing completed on the suction cups. Until then, we suspect that the weight-bearing figures revealed by our tests are overly conservative. We’re confident that you’ll find that our cups support the weight we claim and then some. See our results on this chart.