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    Regarding food - we're offering seconds

    In last month’s post we spoke about our vacuum-formed trays and their use in the food industry. Today, we’re back for seconds, continuing on the food theme, and focusing on our sign bases and our collaboration with the Thomas Cattle Company (TCC). The folks from TCC contacted Popco seeking our 2-inch sign base, a part that is made from ABS plastic and is meant to be used in food settings.

    The 2-inch sign base is most typically combined with branded inserts and deployed in food coolers; exactly the usage that TCC had in mind. In fact, TCC requested that Popco provide the insert and well as the sign base. To do this, Popco draws on a number of fine vendors with whom we’ve worked on similar projects. In the case of the TCC project, we used supplied artwork and printed on polystyrene, another material meant to be used around food.

    The end result was a smash success in the eyes of Popco and our new customer, the Thomas Cattle Company. Our people at TCC were gracious enough to share a terrific picture of the sign base and insert in its intended setting. In closing we’ll say that if you love all-natural fine meats, you owe it to yourself to check out the Thomas Cattle Company. Be forewarned, you’ll likely salivate when you see the photos on the TCC site, and you’ll likely beam, ear-to-ear, when you read the about-us section of the site.